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5 Best Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting

Whatever the reason for searching the free web hosting services, choosing one and investing your precious time is very important.

Suppose you are in school and require a host to test the code/application do not want to invest money for a web host.


You are just starting a personal or small blog and have a very limited budget. In this case, a free host help to run your site for free and you can later move to paid plans as you grow.

5 free web hosting service providers

This shortlist will help you know some of the best free web hosting providers or if you know already a few of them, it could be your final help to make a decision.

1. 000webhost

Zero cost web hosting with PHP, MySQL, cPanel and no ads! This is the slogan of 000webhost.

One of the top free web hosting service providers for more than 10 years.

Storage: 300MBBandwidth: 3GB
Domain name: 1 subdomainEmail: 0
Website builder: YesCMS: Auto WordPress installer

Visit here

2. InfinityFree

Another one for free hosting. It is a small player in hosting provides mostly unlimited features.

Here you get three accounts for each site. This means one website for an account.

Well, the storage is unlimited, the file uploading disappoints you which is limited. So no large files can be uploaded. Good point here is you get two file manager where the new file manager allows to upload files, folders and ZIP.

Storage: UnlimitedBandwidth: Unlimited
Domain name: 3 subdomainEmail: 10

Visit here

3. FreeWebHostingArea

Since 2005 FreeWebHostingArea is providing free web hosting which is maintained by volunteers.

Quite good for free hosting where you can use PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and full FTP support.

For less experienced users there is a site builder, gives a quick website. With average support and other features like SSL support and auto software installer, it is one of the good free hosts.

Storage: 1.5GBBandwidth: Unmetered
Domain name: 1 subdomainEmail: 0

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4. AwardSpace

With more than 10 years of experience, AwardSpace has free web hosting service which gives their customer to test the service. Which can be easily upgraded to other plans when satisfies.

Storage: 1GBBandwidth: 5GB
Domain name: 1 free & 3 subdomainsEmail: 1 email account

You will be able to edit HTML, CSS, PHP, and other programming files. The hosting service is ad-free, so no forced ads will be on your site.

Visit here


It allows you to create a professional-looking website for free. The one-click software installer lets you create WordPress, Joomla and CMS sites.

It gives you very low storage but other features look very good. So you have to move for paid hosting if you grow faster.

Storage: 250MBBandwidth: 6GB
Domain name: 5 domainsEmail: 3 email account

Click here

Last words

These hosts will give you a free site hosting service to run your very first blog for a while before moving to large plans.

If you find file uploading limit then use FTP software to bypass the limit.

All these will give you free service with no forced ads. The only thing you need to know is to keep the backups. Because the account/site will be deleted when there is large traffic to the site.

The site will be deleted if there are Large traffic and no access.

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