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Best Cheap Web Hosting Services

In search of the best cheap web hosting services or under $5 per month web hosting plan. We have well-selected hosting providers, have a good ranking in customers' requirements. Hostinger found the best in the cheap web hosting list.

Try it with a free domain name for a year. That costs you near $5.99 or less than $8.99 per month if you choose the plan with large storage (shared hosting). These can be grabbed in an offer sale that saves you 80%.

Cheap web hosting for a budget start

Like most new website or blog owners, if you are thinking to save some money on web hosting plans. The starter plan of Hostinger includes everything to start a website. That costs you $1.39/m (four-year plan), you get almost similar features with any other providers.

Hostinger hosting plan

For the new website or just want to save some dollars on hosting. Go get a Hostinger plan which is of course cheap yet does not feel cheaper. Offers the best affordable under-budget hosting plans available in the market.

Support - You have to compromise in customer support. Delaying in response may lead you to get negative comments about their plan but still, the performance will admire you.

Where other providers respond to you within 5-10 minutes, Hostinger takes about 30 minutes to respond. If you have a plan which does not provide fast support then you may get a little longer to get the answer.

Cost - The starter plan which impress many of us at the first sight. Offers a lot more than any other reputed hosting services provider.

Like a one web host with 30GB of storage for the price of $1.39 (renew at $2.99).

On the starter plan, you get:

  • One website
  • One email account
  • 2 database
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 30 GB storage