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How to set custom domain name for blogspot?

Setting a custom domain name for a blogspot site is easy, you just need to enter Google's IPs to DNS on domain provider side.

On side
Now follow these:

  • Longin to and select your blog.
  • Click "setting" on left menu.
  • Under "basic" option, you will see blog title and description and blog address is visible.
  • Below the blog address textarea, you will see a link "set a third party URL for your blog". Click it.
  • Enter the domain name you have on text area appears.

These are what you have to do on blogger site.

On your domain host
Now visit your domain name provider where you have purchased your domain name. Login and open DNS settings. It can be found clicking to your domain name, and it will show all option. (Domain Name Server/DNS manager)

You will see default DNS already present there which are your hosting providers DNS IP addresses. Here you have to replace all and enter four A-records which points to Google's IPs.