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Is free web hosting okay?

Free web hosting okay for new business or a single user who just want to start a blog/website alone.

Many free hosting providers are there
Yes, free web hosting exists and provide almost good services for any kind of business or hobby. You just need to know what kind of site you are going to build. Blogspot and Wordpress also provide free hosting but it will be good for the blog and obviously, you won't get full control over most of the contents. If you want to work with FTP and create website whatever you want then you must look for free web hosting providers and its features.

To upload own scripts
Free web hosting providers also have paid services mostly. So, a free hosting plan is a part of their marketing. Most of us look free hosting service only to get access to file manager so we can upload own script or use open-source scripts.

Yes, free web hosting providers are good just you need to care for all the files/contents you have there.

  • Limited database
  • No/limited email services
  • Possible no SMTP service
  • Limited data storage
  • Limited file uploading (nearly up to 10 MB at a time)
  • Most importantly, your contents are not safe. They can delete your site without notice, most of the time when you start getting more traffic.


Some of the free web hosting service providers are listed here. See how beneficial for you (storage, email account, subdomain...) Best free web hosting