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How To Create The Free Website Without A Paid Domain?

Website without a paid domain name

Low budget or no money but you want a free website? Here is how you can get a free website without thinking of a domain name.

Creating a completely free website without a paid domain can be tricky. You have to use alternative methods and platforms. Because web hosting providers will charge for their service after a certain period if they provide you free services. Is Free Web Hosting Good?

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Yes, it’s legal. There are no tricks to get a free website and host. And it is not the hosting offers for a limited time.

You get totally free website with some limitations, that’s all. Is Free Web Hosting Good?

What are the ways to get a free website?

Many different platforms are there that offer free web hosting. Choose according to your needs. No matter paid or free hosting, you will need a web address. So, the address could be a subdomain or a short name with limitations.

  1. Static page hosting
  2. Free website builder
  3. Free web hosting

1. Static Web Page Hosting

What is a static page? A static web page is a flat page that is delivered as it is stored. This is built with fixed numbers and files stored on the server.

To create a static web page you will HTML, CSS, and sometimes Javascript. You can skip Javascript if you just want traffic for the information. So these pages do not need large files, databases, and execution to deliver the data, hence it is called a no-cost website.

Some free hosting platforms for static web pages:

Static web hosting is a way of hosting websites that consist of only static files, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, etc. Static websites do not require any server-side processing or database interaction, and they can be easily deployed to various hosting providers. Static web hosting is suitable for simple websites, blogs, portfolios, landing pages, documentation, etc. that do not need dynamic features or user input.

There are many free static web hosting providers available in 2024, each with different features and limitations. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Netlify: Netlify is an all-in-one platform that offers free hosting, automated builds from Git, a global edge network, SSL, site previews, rollbacks, serverless functions, analytics, forms, and more. You can host up to 100 websites with 100 GB of bandwidth and 300 minutes of build time per month.
  • Kinsta: You can host 100 sites. Each of them should not exceed 1GB and the monthly bandwidth is 100GB. For a static web page, such features are amazing.
  • Vercel: Frontend cloud host.
  • Surge: With unlimited publishing, a custom domain name, and basic SSL, Surge is a good option for hosting static web pages.
  • Firebase: Firebase is a Google service that provides various features for web and mobile development, including free hosting, real-time database, authentication, cloud functions, analytics, and more. You can host up to 10 websites with 10 GB of storage and 10 GB of bandwidth per month.
  • GitHub Pages: GitHub Pages is a service that allows you to host websites directly from your GitHub repositories. You can host one website per GitHub account or organization, with 1 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. You can also use Jekyll, a static site generator, to create your website.
  • Render: Render is a cloud platform that offers free hosting, continuous deployment, SSL, custom domains, global CDN, and more. You can host up to 5 websites with 100 GB of bandwidth per month. You can also use Render to host web apps, APIs, databases, cron jobs, and more.

You can also check out other options, such as [DigitalOcean App Platform], [Heroku], and more. Each provider has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should compare them and choose the one that suits your needs best.

2. Free website builder

Website builder makes it super simple to generate your website by tools available. Most of the platforms have darg-and-drop features to get this done easily.

  • Wix: Offers a free plan with a subdomain like “[invalid URL removed].” You can customize your website and access various features, but the “Wix” branding remains.
  • Weebly: Similar to Wix, Weebly’s free plan includes a subdomain like “[invalid URL removed].” You get basic website-building tools and limited customization options.
  • Offers a free plan with a subdomain like It’s great for blogs and basic websites, but customization options are restricted, and ads are displayed unless you upgrade.

3. Free web hosting

With limitations, you get all the premium features. You will the access to FTP to transfer files and host almost any kind of webpage. With a database and file hosting service, you get the ability to create your own web pages as you wish.

If you are a student and learning the languages free web hosting service providers are just best for the project. If you want to test your code, and then move your files to this hosting?

  • Byet host: 1000 MB disc space and 50 GB monthly traffic may attract you. Also, you get 5 addon domains, 5 parked domains, 5 subdomains, and 5 MySQL database accounts.
  • Freehostia: You get 5 domains to host with a limit of 250MB disc space and 6 GB monthly traffic. One-click app installer.

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Looking for a free domain name that looks like a top-level domain?

Freenom: Freenom is the world’s first and only free domain provider. The domain names are free for a limited time (usually a year) on specific domain extensions like “.tk”, “.ga”, “cf”, “gq” or “.ml”. Such domain names may not be professional-looking names. You can renew the

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