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A well-known program for reselling web hosting services. It has been over a decade and still the customer’s first choice to ask about the services and facility.

To start your own web hosting company, here ResellersPanel helps with a variety of packages. A list of plans like web hosting, VPS hosting, cPanel hosting is the packages. So the customer who desires to run their own company and sell the hosting can go with them.

What can a reseller offer?

Shared hosting, VPS & KVM Plans, Semi-Dedicated Plans, Dedicated Plans, Domain Names, Whois privacy protection and SSL certificates.

Go get own hosting company

Free to start

The best part here is, all you can do without giving them a penny. As a seller of their service, you become a reseller and your customers will be severed as your customer.

With a free sign up you become a web hosting reseller who sells their services at your own price. Obviously, there is a maximum rate and a minimum rate to sell. But the access is free and you set the store.


A domain name, logo, cPanel logo (on customer sight), online chat support, phone number.

This one is very important. For a professional web hosting company the seller will not go promoting without a subdomain, yet they provide it and it can be set with TLD by just DNS change.

Another best part is for a single reseller. He/She can sell it without disclosing the personal phone number. The number(ResellersPanel’s support number) is provided for support and will be displayed on site.

Go with ResellersPanel

Easy setup

The reseller area where the reseller set prices and manage the plans is very user-friendly. And the site store setup too.

ResellersPanel store master admin area

Well, the sign up is quick and within a minute you can log in to the reseller account. And start customizing the store with your logo, icon, description, meta and keywords for search engine indexing purpose.

The site you get is SEO friendly and it appears in search engine. Whether a free theme or a using a WordPress theme, it gives quality search results on major search engines.

ResellersPanel dashboard

Few free themes are given with this free account, which is easy to set up. The main part is here to set the prices which may take a little bit of time, especially when you have never seen such data in one place.

Really it takes time to get the package and its price to familiar with. But still, the layout of the site is so friendly that you probably not feel a difficulty.

See how the free theme will look like after a everything is done (subdomain name provided):

Professional look

Well, the free theme will look very simple and all the themes are quite similar. Mostly the menus, color and little bit of the layout would be different. Still the store works very professionally and the resellers can start promoting it to sell the service.

WordPress themes provided

ResellersPanel WordPress SEO friendly themes

They also have a professional theme so the visitors find it very attractive. Again the setup is simple with a WordPress site and nothing to do with it.

The guide is provided so no worry to set it. The theme is limited but there is a lot provided to make it look different. Every theme has a number of templates to change from the dashboard.

Guide and information

Working with them, you get a lot of help to run and promote the site. They provide a guide to run a successful web hosting company. Also, they support how to use different media to make your first sale.

The video tutorial may help in this very much.

Promotion tools

The information and the guide are there which is the same for all kinds of selling a business. As a reseller, you have a coupon tool to create and utilize the domain offers created by them.

Coupons really help to make the first sale or catch the customer’s eyes.

Customer Support

As a reseller, you get support for yourself when you can not set your own store or feel any kind of help.

Within an hour you can expect the ticket reply. Mostly they reply within 5-15 minutes.


One who can build their customers may find this program very helpful and easy to start selling the services.

If someone or a group of people wants to do it professionally there is a great opportunity without purchasing anything.


The price for domain names are very high for some of them. If someone thinks to sell domain name might have to invest a little money to build a place for the company.

Selling hosting with low prices may attract visitors but there is no much benefit as a reseller. It is quite possible the reseller finds large companies or groups who do not mind to get a large plan, so the pricing issue will solve in this case.

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ResellersPanel is a program, developed by LiquidNet Ltd. – a UK-based hosting company.

LiquidNet Ltd. was established in February 2003 in London, UK. And it’s reseller program started in April 2003. So, far there are over 100,000 resellers working with them.

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